Radiotracker offers Surfmusik Radios

Audials Radiotracker is the Radiograbber of Surfmusik

Player & Recorder of 100.000 Internet Radios of 120 Music Genres


Internet Radio Player and Streaming Recorder

No other Radio Software offers so much free Music for Recordings

Radiotracker software is available for Windows 10, 8 and 7

The Windows software employs the latest technologies to give users all the pros of Microsoft operating systems and optimized user interfaces on every playback device.

Get to Know Audials Software via Video

Simply click on the Play button on the left and this subject area is presented to you in the form of a short video. You can get the best video quality by switching to the full screen mode in the player. The playback quality automatically matches the available bandwidth of your Internet access. At any time, you can change the playback settings of the player at the bottom right to Full HD 1080p or better.


Find, Record and Enjoy all the best Radio Stations around playing your favourite Music

Radiotracker has the largest database with Radio stations!

In addition to 100.000 of the most important radio stations. Browse the Web Radio database by genre, country of origin or local radio stations. Alternatively you can browse for your favorite radio station by entering in your favorite artist.

The best player for Internet radio stations!

Radiotracker delivers live info about the station you want to listen to, before you play it! Flip through all your favorite online radio stations with just a click. Use the Top-hits feature to change directly to a radio station currently playing a top hit. The Radio-history feature lets you save your favorite tracks from Radios after the song has stopped playing.

Record tons of Music from your favorite Music genre

Automatically record any of your favorite songs from as many Radios as you wish and save those tracks as individual songs. Songs are perfectly recorded to the second as MP3, WMA or AAC files from Radio streams, complete with ID3-tags, album artwork and images and song lyrics. Increase the convenience with mass recordings by genre. Simply select your preferred genre and Radiotracker automatically records all the songs you want from the best radio stations available until your specified limit has been reached.

Diamond Radio Stations only with Radiotracker!

The combination of the music wishes feature with limitation to music wishes from radio stations with diamond ratings is especially useful for users that only settle for high-quality recordings. Users that give Radiotracker the necessary time to perform this function are rewarded with the highest possible recording quality.

Music Wishes

Only Radiotracker can monitor thousands of Webradios with the Audials network to give you your desired music mega fast.

With Audials Radiotracker you can get 12,000,000 music tracks from 1,450,000 albums by 3,000,000 artists legally and for free! Only the Audials software searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of radio stations throughout the world using the Audials Radio Network to ensure you are provided with the music you want.

Get your targeted Hits, Albums or entire Discographie of your Stars

Just click the album to get all the albums by your favorite stars. With just a single click, Radiotracker rounds up all the tracks from a specific album. You can also select individual titles to record. Just choose a song, artist or album and click to get started. In no time flat, Radiotracker fulfills all of your music wishes with ID3-tags, album artwork and lyrics and stuffs your hard drive full of music!

The Charts and New Ideas delivered Free

Every month, Audials Notifier brings you the Audials Charts with the newest hits! Simply import it and you’ll already get the best hits delivered for free! You can find additional music suggestions and import the wishlists of other users in the Audials Community.

Caution! Only Audials One fulfills Music Whishes at Turbo Speed + Extra Features!

All-in-One Turbo: Streaming Recorder for Radios, Music Services and Downloads

Radiograbber powered by Audials Radiotracker fulfills targeted music whishes by recording of Internet Radios. Audials One includes the complete Radio features set but delivers your favourite songs even faster with the Turbo. Radiotracker offers only 5 of 13 possible function areas of the best Windows software for your free entertainment.

On top to the automatic recordings of Radio streams Audials One searches in the best music portals to fulfill your music whishes. Plus the Streaming Recorder for Music or Video-on-demand services. Plus Music TV. Plus Podcasts. Plus many more extras.

Learn more about the All-in-One Streaming-Recorder for Radios, Music, Videos and Movies

Media Center

Conveniently Manage and Browse through Thousands of Songs

Radiotracker puts the finishing touches on your media collection

The Windows tool automatically completes your media collection with ID3-Tags, Album Artwork and Song Lyrics, and does so during the recording process. Radiotracker can also automatically equip imported Songs with tags to make sure all of your tracks adhere to the Audials standard. No matter if it's a small bundle of selected tracks or a massive bunch of Music files, Radiotracker won’t short a single file!

Turn your music collection into a spectacle!

Choose a genre, artist or album cover and you'll automatically get a detailed representation of the contents; You can sort your collection by seven different criteria. The added Extra: Radiotracker has thanks Audials 500,000 images of artists and bands that are also displayed along with the contents!

Radiotracker cleans up your Music Collection with the Duplicate Manager

Radiotracker only displays the version of a song with the highest quality, while duplicates are kept off-screen in the background. This helps you to keep your music collection neatly organized without losing any tracks. You can still access the duplicates later if, for example, you feel a different version is best or if you wish to view all the duplicates. Finally, you can lump together all the duplicates in your collection and delete files individually or in bunches.

Use the Audials Music Universe to browse your Music collection

The Audials Music Universe displays similar artists and a pic for every musician and band. Then with just a single click, you can add similar artists to your Music collection. This helps Radiotracker to find the best matches for making the perfect playlist for any occasion. Similarities between artists are depicted by match lines with varying degrees of thickness. You can then determine to have the Music Universe display matches based on similarity, balanced mix or popularity.

Not completely convinced? Test it out for free!

Download the free demo version without registering and give Radiotracker a try with absolutely no strings attached. If after trying out Radiotracker, you are not convinced of all the benefits laid out in these pages, you can simply uninstall the program with no added headaches.


Start now without any risk with the money-back guarantee!

For just a few bucks you can get the best software tool for Internet Radios, Music, Podcasts and Music TV . Start amassing your very own music collection with using up to 3 Windows-Computers in your household today without spending a dime!

Buy now!Buy now!

Visual playlists with album thumbnails and two-line description

Display your playlists with text descriptions or with album cover images, and choose from seven different sort and group options. Export your playlists in any standard format to enjoy your media on non-Audials players. Alternatively, you can import playlists from other players, e.g. Winamp, and enjoy in Audials.

Enjoy your media with Radiotracker

Enjoy your Music and Podcasts in the integrated Audials player, either in a separate window or fullscreen mode. Edit tags and album covers quickly and conveniently when viewing the song file. Radiotracker also hooks you up with additional editing functions with just a click letting you, e.g., automatically retro-tag any song.

Simplified media management on your devices

As soon as you have connected a recognized device, Audials establishes an Internet connection and displays the media on your PC and, for example, your smartphone in various colors. This helps you quickly visualize any missing media and helps you transfer it to your device.

Overview with all Features plus as Bonus Podcasts and Music TV

RADIO – Listen to and record Internet radio stations
Make individual song recordings (MP3, WMA, AAC) from any Internet radio station
The world's largest database containing over 100.000 Internet radio stations
Optimized navigation with page tabs to display by genre or country
Display and filter by editing quality, bitrate, stream type
Live radio player that displays the album cover of song currently played
High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, commonly played artists and/or stream quality
Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations by genre, country, artist
Recordings edited to the millisecond via PerfectRadio, fingerprint-based editing of individual songs
Display stations not requiring post-editing after recording (diamond stations)
Detailed adjustable quality: only those songs that fulfill your specifications for editing accuracy, bitrate, etc. are saved
Timer for time-controlled radio recordings
Job-Function: assign track count and data quantity
Automatically add ID3 tags and album artwork to radio recordings via Internet meta searches
Automatically add song lyrics via Internet meta searches
Create as many favorite lists as you want
Automatic synchronization of favorites on all user PCs
Pin various radio views to navigate quickly to your favorites
Song history: subsequently saves all music previously listened to
Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
Fading features can be set to the ends of the recording
High-performance editing enables fine-tuning of radio recordings
Add your own radio stations
Automatic categorization of recordings by genre
Audials Apps: synchronize all your favorite media to use on smartphones/tablets
MUSIC WISHES – Songs from radio stations and the Internet
Monitor thousands of radio stations simultaneously according to desired music
Simultaneously run a parallel meta search of all the major online portals
Automatically record a radio station from around the world, whenever it plays your desired music
Automatically records one of the supported music or video portals, if it contains your desired music
Recordings from radio stations with perfect recording quality (no post-editing necessary) available
Wishlists completed as audio files, music videos, or both
Bolster search database with plugins from the plugin-community
Comprehensive music database helps you define your music wishlist
Wishlists may contain complete albums
Wishlists may contain several artists; the best-quality songs by each artist are recorded
Wishlists may contain sampler albums; all songs are recorded
Use wishlists from the wishlist-community
Generate wishlists by genre
Automatically generated suggestions simplify creating wishlists
Use as many wishlists as you want
PODCASTS – Subscribe to and enjoy episodes
Comprehensive database with more than 120,000 international podcasts
Watch or listen to episodes immediately via streams
TV shows, informational, music - more than 25 popular categories
Find and sort by language, name and popularity
Download all episodes with a click, and automatically convert into the desired format
Subscribe: monitor new episodes and download automatically
High-powered search by title, episode, topic, comments
MUSIC TV – Receive and watch video and shows
Contains all major music TV stations, with a selection of top channels
Live player enables simple, quick channel surfing
Adjust picture to any size or use full screen mode
Clearly arranged with station logo, country info and music genre
Add customized streams as a station at any time
Automatically update database with new stations
MEDIA CENTER – Enjoy music, movies and entertainment anywhere
Convenient player with playlist management functions and graphic cover display
Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists in your own collection
Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
Easy to use for beginners, expert displays available with configured information columns
Automatic reloading and display of artist photos
High-power search of entire medial collection
Playlists for similar artists and genres generated automatically
Supports YouTube, etc., links and videos in playlists
2High-performance dual-device display enables flexible transfer from and to a wide-variety of devices and file locations
Optimized for Android-Smartphones & Tablets, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™
Preconfigured for all major clouds: upload, download, sync and use in playlists
Copying in the background, status bar for devices
Audials Anywhere enables remote access to media collection, use PC as private media cloud
Automatic Internet searches for missing ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics
High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
Flexible rule-based re-sorting of file names / folders available for entire music collection
Ringtone editor: create ringtones conveniently. Wireless uploading to cell and smartphones available
Audio Editor enables post-editing of music files

Please notice: Radiotracker offers only 5 of 13 possible function areas of the best Windows software for your free entertainment with webradios, music, videos, podcasts and tons of more. Get the rest of all advantages

Audials Apps are the perfect way to get the most from your Radiotracker Windows software

Audials Apps are a perfect fit for your Radiotracker software. Audials give you tons of extras and is available for Android smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhones™ & Apple iPads™ or as a free app for your favorite browser.

Audials Radio Apps as free Player and Recorder

Smartphone & Tablet
Audials App for Android on Google Play
Apple iPhone & iPad
Audials App for iPhone and iPad on the AppStore
Windows Free App
Computer & Tablet
Windows 8 App on Windows Store

Audials Radio as Pro-Editions with much more functions

Android Pro-App
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Audials App für Android auf Google Play

Windows Pro-App
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